Office 365 is a suite of tools provided by Scouts NSW to Adult members of Scouting

These How To items are provided to give a basic knowledge of the programs included

Don't think of it as a new email address - its an ID that gives you some powerful tools

The Office 365 Masterclass Webinar Series

Your Guide to getting the most out of the Leaders and Committee Hub powered by Office 365

Webinar 1 – Overview of Office 365 and Scouts NSW Email Addresses (click to see the video)

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Time stamp        Content                                 

0:00                             Welcome, housekeeping and how to ask questions
2:00                             Program of the Session (Session 1)
3:30                             Keynote by Belle Francis, Deputy Chief Commissioner Youth Program and Safety
6:17                                     Belle cont: Office365 and its place in our response to the Child Abuse Royal Commission
11:05                            Activating account – Step by step how to
14:30                           Changing your Password and tips
16:00                           First Login and portal
17:50                           Need more help? helpdesk@ and website
19:30                           Introducing the Service desk and what is under support
20:50                           Teams (aka the Virtual Scout Hall)
25:24                                     Change the background in Video chat
27:45                                     Teams and Channels
36:00                           Questions from the Audience
43:35                            Cyber Security – why its important
47:41                             Links referenced in the video
48:35                            Thanks for coming

Webinar 2 – A Crash Course on Office 365 Tools  (click to see the video)

0:00                                   Questions from last week
0:30                                  Do I need to change Scoutlink email?
1:30                                   Why Teams?
2:55                                   Welcome and orientation
4:20                                  Intro of presenters
6:15                                   Updated features of Teams since we started willing out
8:40                                  Virtual Scout Halls using Teams
22:40                                       Tips for the Hall Admin (Group leader by default)
23:40                                Collaborating on Docs
26:50                                What others have done with File Sharing/One Drive
30:35                                Adding Planner, adding tabs/Apps to team set up
35:35                                      Kahoot Example (online games)
39:20                                     Other Apps that make it fun, advice from experience
41:50                                 2 Deep Leadership in a virtual hall
43:20                                Leader and Committee Hub introduction Teaser
45:10                                 Q&A
45:30                                      Teams/Channels Visibility to Guests
47:10                                      Youth members and invitation to Channels/Meetings
48:30                                     Using a Student Email address to invite youth
49:00                                     Training parents
51:20                                      Dual Login - Ignore this advice   See "How to login twice to Office 365" video here
52:30                                      Can I add a parent to the Virtual Meeting
53:35                                      Recording the Meeting advice
54:30                                      What if I cannot see the 3 dots near the Team/Channel name
55:15                                   Wrap-up/Closing

Webinar 3 – Making the Business of Scouting Smarter with Leader and Committee Hubs (click to see the video)

0:00                                  Welcome and intro

1:40                                   Intro to the presenters

2:15                                   On tonight

3:05                                  Belle Francis, Deputy Chief Commissioner Youth Program and Safety. Scout NSW's Vision of Virtual Scout halls and the LaCH and its place in Child Safety

13:00                                Video : Why and What is a Leader and Committee Hub?

14:50                                Demo of the Leader and Committee Hub

22:20                               Accessing the Leader and Committee Hub via the virtual Scout Hall

27:30                               Who can Access Leader and Committee Hub

29:15                               Q&A Do RC and DC get a LaCH site?

 31:45                              Belle Francis: some thoughts about the using the tools as appropriate to simplify the process of scouting. Brief discussion of Notifiable Data breach and

37:44                              Q&A - Alternate roles by Leaders and access to the LaCH permissions

39:45                              Wrap-up/Closing


Webinar 4 – A Deeper Dive into Virtual Scouting through Microsoft Teams

0:00                               Welcome and Intro to the Live Event

1:25                                Intro to Presenters

2:00                              Agenda

3:30                              Where to put files: LaCH or Virtual Hall?

4:38                              LaCH Secure folders built in and demo

9:40                              Synching files to Local storage for offline use

20:00                           Collaborating on a file

             26:14                        Recap on storage locations

26:50                           New Features just released

            27:00                        Now 9 Images, soon to be 49

            27:15                         Change your Background in a video conference

30:00                          Q&A Update

           30:05                        Calendar: schedule a meeting

34:00                          Live Events v Team Meeting

          49:30                         Live Event : Presenteres and Producers requirments

          50:00                         Installing Teams locally

52:15                          Recording a meeting

58:41                          Wrapping Up

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Teams is a Presentation tool for SharePoint in O365. All the buzz words can be used like Collaboration, File Sharing, Video Conferencing, Messaging and Chat, Schedule Meetings, Secure and Easy to Use apply to Teams

Vader's How To exercises

Installing Teams Client and Create a Meeting - Instructions for the simple installation of the Teams App and creating your first meeting. Includes installation for Youth Members without the Office 365 Subscriptions


Connecting Zoom to Teams for Safer Virtual Meetings - Instructions and rationale for using the Teams Connector for Zoom for inclusive meetings for Guests while still protecting Adult and Youth Members


Team Channels Explained and Creation - What Teams and Channels are is explained with the use of a Physical Scout Group as a model. Step by step Instructions to create Channels are included for the nervous

SharePoint is a private web site for sharing organisation info. Instead of multiple Excel spreadsheets, create a list to track things. Instead of many versions of policy document you can have one document that lives and grows and stays in the same place with the same name. Replace that old Access database with the power of SQL and keep it online.


Vader's How To exercises

How to Connect Outlook or Phone to the Region Calendar on SharePoint - Get the Region Calendar on your phone or add it to your Outlook Application Calendars. Step by step Instruction document with images

How to Personalise the Region Calendar on SharePoint - The Region Calendar is available on the Leader and Committee Hub with more information, can have the approved E1s attached and even be used to send reminders that tasks are due that allow smoother event running. It might have too much information so this How To will guide you in creating a personal view of the REgion Calendar to suit your self. The info in here helps you understand SharePoint lists in general.

OneNote is the paperless office for real. Create online note books that sync between your phone, PC and Tablet. "Print" to a page in your notebook and forget about the paper printer. Add a OneNote Book to your Unit files and your Leaders can see the latest information as soon as its typed, or written if you have a tablet with a pen.


Vader's How To exercises

Still writing the first one, but let us know what you would like to learn by clicking here (sorry, you need a login to complete the request)


Microsoft Forms is a simple, lightweight tool that lets you quickly create a form, collect responses in real time, and view automatic charts to visualize your data. You can build a form in minutes and respondents can fill it out on any browser without having to install a separate app. If you like the free version of Survey Monkey, you are going to love this tool included in O365


Vader's How To exercises

Building a Survey - Exercise to build a Survey in O365 Forms using branching (jump to other questions based on the answer given) and add pictures


OneDrive delivers files to your PC, Tablet or Phone. You get 1TB (One TerraByte) of online storage to keep your data safe. That is enough space for every photo you took at every camp, investiture, campfire and hike since you started taking photos about 20 times over. You don't need 20 copies of every photo so use the space to protect other files.

OneDrive is the tools that keeps OneNote and Sharepoint  up do date. Its like DropBox, but so much more.

Vader's How To exercises

Still writing the first one, but let us know what you would like to learn by clicking here (sorry, you need a login to complete the request)


Outlook is known as an email application but that is only a portion of its function. Its a Task reminder, Calendar and Contact manager too - the things you need to look out for that are coming up.

Vader's How To exercises

Update Outlook Signature (video) - see the steps required to update your signature in Outlook Online and the Outlook Desktop Application. Uses this Outlook Signature Template file download