The Thẳng Tiến V gateway was built for the 5 Vietnamese International Jamboree.

Held from 26th December 1995 to 3rd January 1996, GSAC was the focus for 400 international Scouts of Vietnamese heritage.

Thẳng Tiến, or “Moving Forward” was the motto of the Vietnamese scouts before the movement was outlawed throughout Vietnam in 1975.

Former Scouts and Scouting leaders found them selves in refugee camps having fled the country under Communist rule and there they formed new scout groups.

The very first overseas Vietnamese Scouting unit was formed in May 1975 , the month after the Fall of Saigon, in the refugee camp in Guam.

Subsequently, they continued their mission to revive the Vietnamese Scouting Movement and established Vietnamese Scout groups in many refugee camps as well as in the countries where they resettled such as the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, England, Norway, and the Netherlands, etc.


More about the histroy can be found at https://thangtien11.org/en/node/17

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