Thank you for your enquiry regarding the hire of Glenfield Scout Activity Centre = G S A C

To support us in maintaining the high standard we strive to uphold we ask for your assistance by complying with the following Safety Regulations and Camp Rules when hiring the Camp.


The Scout Law is Law of G S A C and is to be observed by all camp hirers.

G S A C may not be used for any purpose other than was stated on the camp booking application.

The Flora and Fauna are protected and should not be damaged in any way.

Ensure FIRE BANS are observed and only light fires in the camp fire bowl once approval has been given by the camp staff on duty

NO SMOKING is permitted by law in any building, shelter or canvas structure and in a TOTAL FIRE BAN. A designated smoking area may be assigned.


There are no power outlets for general use; any device left in a public area being recharged is at the owners risk.

All sound devices are to be kept to a minimum for your comfort and the comfort of those around you

All noise must cease at 11pm, due to respect of the residents in close proximity there is no exception to this rule

The camp sites are the Hirers’ responsibility; G S A C has no facilities to provide equipment for camping

No furniture or the like is to leave the dining rooms for use in the camp sites


The EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY POINT is at the bottom end of the car park The safety, behavior and conduct of all persons visiting G S A C is the full responsibility of the Hirer/ Leader in Charge/ Event Organiser and it is their duty to perform regular inspections of the toilet blocks and bunk rooms to prevent destructive and unhygienic actions occurring

Due care is to be taken at all times. The Scout Association will not be liable for any injuries, loss or damage suffered whilst you are hiring any part of G S A C

G S A C has many uneven surfaces. Please ensure care is taken and enclosed footwear is worn at ALL times. Thongs are only to be worn whilst in the shower block.


No food of any kind is to be left in cupboards, refrigerators, freezers etc, it must be removed on your departure

All rubbish, including food scraps, is to be disposed of in the industrial bins in the car park.

“Emu Bob” the camping grounds and activity areas to ensure no papers, food wrappers, craft bits are left behind

All toilets, showers, kitchens and dining rooms are to be cleaned, swept and mopped and all bunkrooms are to be swept prior to departure. The camp will be inspected by camp staff or the committee and if not left in a satisfactory condition the hirers will be billed for cleaning.

Camp staff will be on duty during your stay to help you should you require any assistance, in your interest. please follow any instructions given by them or committee members of G S A C

G S A C is for everyone to enjoy your cooperation will ensure ALL will have a great camp We hope you have a FUN time at G S A C and you will consider visiting us again in the future.