Do you have school aged children? Want to get them outside and learn some life skills? Scouts maybe an answer for them to achieve these goals. Through a program based on Responsible Risk-taking we have provided many young people with the skills they can use in life as well as careers too.

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Understanding the term “Scouts”

How old do you need to be to join Scouts?

What are Sections:

What is a Region

What is a District

Where does Hume Region cover?

What Nights do Scouts Meet

I have different aged kids - do all Groups have every Section?

How Much does Scouts Cost?

Using the Active Kids/Creative Kids Rebate

Are Activities included in the Fees?

My child already has things to do on some weekends – do they have to do all activities?

When do I need to Pay for things?

Can parents join the kids on activities?

Is Scouts a religious (or Christian) organisation?

Is Scouting Inclusive?