Registration is a lot better than it used to be, well the system is a lot easier to use.

See below for some items to make it easier for our Registrar to get your Cub (or Scout etc) into Cuboree

ID Photo

This is the ideal photo.

Facial features are clearly shown, the eye colour is seen and the background is neutral and plain. In this state, its a perfect passport photo. For a Cuboree ID photo, the subject is allowed to smile.


The Number 1 reason for returned registration applications is missing photos. 


Fail – crowd shot means the subject is not clear as an ID photo. Avoid busy backgrounds.

Its nice that you have friends though.

Fail – Blurry image of Subject means its no good as an ID photo.

Try a larger f-stop or manual focus.

Fail – Backlit subject means the facial features are indistinct

Fail – Its a Cuboree ID photo, not a mug shot. Use a front facing image, not a profile

Fail – You forgot to attach the Photo to the registration. Remember to check if you included a photo.

Fail – this photo has been stretched from a much smaller section of an image. Possibly the next picture in the gallery

The features are indistinct.

Fail – the subjects face is too small to make out the features.

Double Fail – not wearing a hat while out doors and sun glasses are advised on the water.

1 mark for holding the paddle correctly.

Fail – Don’t wear a hat. Obscures Hair colour and eyes.

Exception to this is religious head wear. Please ensure eyes are not obstructed.

Otherwise, don’t wear a baseball cap. Just don’t, OK?