Called the GIRAFFE camp, there is one weekend set aside to Build and Create the items that require construction for Savannah base.

By the end of the weekend, all hardware, bicycles and construction items will have been created, tested, played with, tuned and stored at Glenfield Scout Activity Centre (GSAC) ready for the Setup day.

Another function of this weekend is to have the Service Leaders and Junior Service Leaders meet each other before Cuboree. And that is why its called the GIRAFFE Camp – Gather In Resources And Forming Friendships Easily.

There will an E1 form sent out for the weekend. You may wish to attend either day or both days and stay the night. There are Bunks as well as camping (BYO tent) available.

In the meantime please express your interest in supporting the GIRAFFE camp via the form on this page



If there are more than 1 of you coming from the family, add their full names here separated by commas (,) If its just you, leave this blank
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