From Scouts NSW

Released 23rd March: We know that Scouting is well known to help build resilience and self-confidence in young people. We’re no longer holding face to face meetings, but we’ll be launching ways for you to stay connected to Scouting from home.

Virtual Scout Groups are being created for each Scout Group through Teams in Office 365 to help our Leaders continue to deliver the Scout program to our young people. All Leaders are asked to make sure they activate their email address so they can participate!

We’ll also be launching a range of Scouting initiatives you can do at home, to help everyone stay connected to Scouting over the coming weeks and months. We’re actively collecting great ideas right now – so please share them with us, or tag us when you’re doing something awesome for your Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers or Rovers.

For more information on how to stay connected to Scouting, click here:

From Hume Region

Released 24th March: Keeping Scout Safe in a Virtual Section Meeting

2 Deep Leadership: Ensure that, as a leader, you are not alone with a youth member in a chat or video conference. Arrange to have at least one other adult in the conference well before the start time just as you would at the hall.

Protection of Private Details: During screen sharing, make sure that personal records are not open on the PC you are using in case they are seen when transition between screens (i.e. from VC to PowerPoint)

Bullying and Harassment: Do not permit side bar conversations on the conference

Background of Video: What can others see in the background of your camera that, while totally legitimate and innocent, others should not see including planners and personal details.