What is JOTI?

It stands for Jamboree On The Internet.

So What does that mean?

A Jamboree is a huge gathering of Scouts and Guides and JOTI simply means a World Wide Gathering of Scouts and Guides on the World Wide Web.

What can you do?

There are range of online activitys designed for interaction with International Youth Members. They range from a simple Chat Room to a Minecraft location to Counselling rooms to physical activities to perform at home

Doesn't this normally happen in October?

Yes, but it has been brought forward because of the extraordinary moment of history we find ourselves in today involving isolation etc

Is it Safe?

It's as safe as we can make it with Adult Leaders and Internet experts moderating and monitoring the channels and sites.

How Old do you need to be?

Youth who are 13-17 yo can sign them selves up. Under 13's require a parent/guardian to sign them up and supervise their activity

What is the Cost?

Nothing, it's free.

How do I join in?

Simply sign up on this link (goes to the external JOTI SE site)

Its on this weekend, is it too late?

No. Join in now