The Cub section of 1st Hoxton Park has, for the previous few years, collected school supplies and donated them to a local school to give to families going through a rough time.
This year they decided to donate to an area effected by bush fire and selected the village of Milton near Ulladulla on the NSW south coast.

In all, 18 school backpacks packed with school supplies were assembled and taken down the coast to Milton about 2.5 hours south. It was there they met Mark, the principal of Milton Public School.

He was very grateful for the kit and related that not only had 100 homes been lost in the fires from within the school catchment area, but also 3 people connected to the school had perished in the recent emergency.

Mark said the school community had been receiving donations from lots of sources and places and they were grateful for the support sent from outside this small rural community.

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