Berrima Scout Camp – Camp Rules

1 There is no rubbish collection: What you bring you take ; do not bury

2 DO NOT move furniture around in kitchen or bunk rooms. Furniture or Mattresses are not to be used outside.

3 Leave mattresses stacked neatly above kitchen. Fold up tables and place against wall and neatly stack chairs.

4 All buildings are to be swept and mopped before departure – any left unclean will result in a cleaning account being sent.

5 Stove, Refrigerator and BBQ are to be cleaned – before departure.

6 DO NOT leave behind any foodstuffs in the cupboards as it encourages vermin.

7 DO ask for camp duty of approx 1 hour

8 If the campsite is going to be unattended, ensure all buildings are locked.

9 External Fences have barbed wire, take care.

10 DO NOT take with you any equipment belonging to the camp

11 Uneven surfaces, please act accordingly

12 You will be responsible for all breakages or damage caused whilst in the camp.

13 DO nothing that might be a nuisance to neighbours or that might damage the reputation of the Scout Association.

14 Ensure FIRE BANS are obeyed and observe instructions placed on Notice Board..

15 The camp will not be used for any other purpose than as stated on the application.

16 Noise: All noise will cease at 11.00pm so as not to annoy our neighbours

17 Fauna and Flora is not to be damaged in any way.

18 The hirer agrees to accept responsibility for the safety of the hire, its members and invitees during the Hirers occupation of the premises. The hirer agrees that the Scout Association will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered by the hirer, its members or invitees and indemnifies the Scout Association against any claims for any such injury, loss or damage.

19 DO obey any instructions given to you by the Booking Officer, Asst Camp Warden or Camp Staff responsible for the Camp

20 Please disseminate to all under your care!!!!

Craig Ramsden
For Berrima Camp Committee