The Berrima Scout Camp was opened as the Berrima Boy Scout Camp on the 27th Feburary 1954.

The Lodge was donated and built by the Berrima/Moss Vale Rotary and Apex Clubs while the land was donated by the then Chair of the Tablelands District Scout Association, Mr Sanderson.

As reported in the Canberra Times at the time:

Scout Camp Opened At Berrima

The District Commissioner for Scouts, Mr. A. C. Boyle and the assistant commissioners, Messrs. H. Oldham and E. Harry, visited Berrima on Saturday to attend the opening of a permanent camp site by the Chief Scout for New South Wales, Sir John Northcott.

The site was donated to the Tablelands District by Mr. Sanderson, chairman of the Tablelands District Scouting Association.
Members of the Berrima Rotary and Apex Clubs have built a lodge at the camp.

Opening the site, Sir John Northcott said the idea of cheerful unselfish service was splendidly exemplified by the Queen, who not only carried out her duties as Queen of Australia, but attended to her duties as Queen of her other realms.
Sir John mentioned how this entailed the reading of a multitude of documents, many of which-required her decision and signature, even while her Australian tour was in progress.
The Berrima camp site is open for use by all troops of Boy Scouts.
The Canberra Scout leaders discussed matters of mutual concern with commissioners from the South Coast and Tablelands areas.

Trove: The Canberra Times 1/3/1954 P2