The most savvy and practical people aged 11 to 14 that you’ll meet

Through fun and adventure, we hone our outdoor survival skills and gain valuable life experience along the way.

Scouts is specially designed to target your own special and interests, and help open these worlds up for you. Throwing yourself into your favourite hobbies (and showing off a little!) is encouraged and rewarded with meaningful badges and awards.

Meanwhile, you’ll be getting up to some crazy stuff you might not have even thought of trying – epic bushwalks and camping expeditions, getting out on the water in a kayak, canoe or sailboat or even going up in a plane on a visit to our Air Activity Centre!

A young person must have had their 11th birthday prior to commencing in the Scout Section. Youth are able to commence and complete their progression to the Venturer Scout Section in the lead up to their 15th birthday.

reference: 31/12/18